Categories of Single Mothers

1.WidowedDeath of the spouse
2.DivorcedLegally divorced
3.SeparatedSeparated by mutual agreement or forced separation as a result of  physical abuse/foreign wives
4.Abandoned or Absconding husbands

Left in a lurch with or without children or Husbands not staying with wife as working elsewhere for longer than 3 months

5.Unwed mothersThose with no means of support or no family support
6.Incapacitated husbandsWith serious illness or bedridden
7.Husbands in InstitutionsPrison, Drug rehab centers, Mental health Asylums
8.Husbands overseasHusbands working overseas for more than three years.
9.Unwed femalesNever married, incapacitated, sick, abandoned by family as a result of death by parents or family

Challenges Faced by Sikh Single Mothers

  • Personal
Financial and parenting issues
  • Psycho-Social
Trauma, Guilt, Fear, Anger, Denial, Low Self Esteem
  • Socio-Cultural
Unfair and Out dated cultural practices, unacceptance, victimization and stigmatization
  • Developmental
Impractical economic and poverty measurement, hidden poor, accessibility issues, lack of resources and information dissemination.
  • Legal
Inter religious remarriages and the custody of children, alimony that cannot be claimed for lack of savings or property.
  • Policy
Accessibility issues, Red IC holding mother, the housing issue, Children born to foreign women where citizen spouse died.