Case 1

Mdm S is a 70 year-old widow who lives with her 50 year-old son.  She has three other children but none of them help her. Her son who lives with her has bad drinking habits and is abusive in nature. His wife and two children left him and have moved to another town.

Mdm S collects plastic bottles to sell to earn whatever she can. Her husband died a few years ago of heart problem.  Whatever savings she had, has been used up for her husband’s treatment and payment of the house. Her electricity and water bills have not been paid for 3 months. Her house phone has been disconnected due to unpaid bills.

Mdm S needs financial help urgently to settle her outstanding bills. She also needs financial help on a monthly basis as the income from the bottles is very little.

Case 2

Madam G is 70 yrs old and has multiple health issues (Hypertension, Diabetic, Bad Knees). Her husband passed away in January 2022. She has five (5) daughters, all married, but none giving her any kind of assistance. She also has two (2) unmarried daughters living with her. One of them is unable to work because she needs to take care of the mother. The youngest daughter is working in a shopping complex and earns about RM 1300. Their finances are tight because three (3) members are surviving on her pay.

The family is in need of financial assistance urgently.

Case 3

Madam D is 60 yrs old with hypertension and heart problem. She is unable to work. She has a son who is 40 yrs old and is physically challenged and unable to work. Madam M gets a monthly pension of RM 340 and her son receives a pension of RM 524. Thus, their total income is RM 864. They rent a government apartment for RM 160 and their utility bills are approximately  RM 100. The balance is for their food, transport and medical bills, leaving them with no saving for emergency use.