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Build a World Where All Mothers Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Sikh MAI

Sikh Single Mothers Association Ipoh, Perak or Sikhmai, as it is popularly known, took its shape on 7th January 2008 after a thorough study conducted by United Perak Sikh Organisations (UPSO Foundation) on the extent and numbers of sikh single mothers existing within the community, especially Perak. Hence the birth of Sikhmai.

Sikhmai strives to address the issues of single mothers and their dependent children and at the same time help them move ahead in life. Currently there are 346 Sikh single parents registered as of December 2020. The State Government of Perak has been very actively engaged in the development of these single mothers’ welfare and needs by allocating funds and supporting programs through The Department  of Women’s Development, Perak.



Our core beliefs are to :-

  • TEACH: impact knowledge and skills.
  • HELP : provide necessities to accomplish a task or satisfy a need
  • EMPOWER: be self-sufficient
  • STRENGTHEN: make and grow stronger
  • ENCOURAGE: inspire confidence and courage.


To improve and uplift the everyday life of single mothers and  provide effective support system.

Objectives of SIKH MAI


Registration of All Sikh Single Mothers or parents.


To create a platform for an effective support system for their unique issues.


To empower them and significantly change their socio economic status by the identification of their skills through retraining.


To seek assistance in the educational aspects of their children who have been left out owing to problems of financial insecurity. In essence, we strive to provide a safe environment for the proper growth and development of their children.


To seek assistance from the government for the hard core poor who have no means of raising their children owing to sickness and other causes.

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